Creating the right auction environment for record-breaking results.

Want to make more money with your next event? Let us help you plan the perfect auction fundraiser!

When you’re planning a benefit auction, whether it’s for your non-profit company, charity or church, school, or something else, having the right information is vital to your success.

With Beahm Auctions Group’s unique consulting program, you will be able to relax and have fun with the planning process, knowing you have a guide to help you through it.

Generate more revenue and have more fun with an audience that is excited and engaged in your event!

A successful action will leave the attendees feeling just as excited about the event as the hosts. Our auctioneers, trained and managed by Ty Beahm, are skilled at engaging with any audience, and bringing the event to life!

We will match you with an auctioneer hand-picked for your specific audience and goals, optimizing our team’s talent to bring you outstanding results.

Why choose us

Your partnership with Beahm Auction Group begins months before your event with a one-on-one consultation between you and one of our auction experts.

We have assembled a core team of auction professionals to offer comprehensive, start-to-finish auction consulting, coaching, management, coordination, technology, staffing, and follow-up for your fundraising event efforts. Our distinctive quality is our focus on maximizing overall earnings vs. the cost of the event; we offer ideas, tips, direction, put together auction packages based on your needs that allow you to meet and exceed your fundraising goals. From the psychology of the bidder to the logistics of the location, we think of everything so you can actually enjoy the event you’ve put together.

There is a method to the madness of auctions, and we’ll help you understand how to write the best item descriptions, keep the auction interesting to the entire audience, and create eye-catching displays to help your items sell.

Learn how to plan every step of a successful auction fundraiser from our team of experienced communicators, auction event managers, and auctioneers.

Our Fund-A-Need auctions are perfect for helping you generate funds for schools, family members, or causes. Let us help you craft the perfect message to kick start giving.

Our experts will pull back the curtain and show you how to turn your auction from drab to fab with an instant makeover! Find out the secret to maximizing your income potential, and making your audience excited about coming back again.

Let us walk you through how to find the right audience for your event, strategize donor cultivation and marketing, solicit sponsorships, and more!

Hear from the experts on how to arrange and display items for silent auction, set your initial bid price, options to increase interest, and more.

We have proven strategies that will help you find additional revenue opportunities for your event. We will work together with you to create an exciting environment for optimal bidding and giving.

We’ll show you how to get started collecting items, strategize item auction order to maximize your results, and help you determine which items should be used in silent versus live auctions.

What our clients say

  • Beahm Auction Group is AMAZING on all levels.

    As Community Relations and Development Manager for local non-profit, Stand Up Placer, it is under my purview to manage fundraising events for our agency. When I decided to bring Beahm aboard as our event auctioneer I wanted to accomplish two major goals, 1) raise money to support our mission, and 2) deliver an incredible experience for our attendees. Beahm enabled us to do both by EXCEEDING our live auction goals by a large margin (300% of goal), and delivering a high-level professional experience on the auction floor and display tables. Auctioneer Ty Beahm was first rate. We had numerous positive comments on his professionalism and charm—he can really pull people out of their shells and gets them excited to bid.

    Nichol was a true behind the scenes partner, too. She laid out a step by step planning and process checklist that helped keep the project on track and the many pieces well organized. She identified potential speed bumps and road hazards and made recommendations based on a seasoned track record of auction consulting. Her expertise was a cornerstone that made our annual event an incredible success despite our short lead-time for the event.

    The ROI on a professional auction house is a no-brainer—go with Beahm; they will turn a dime into a dollar all day long.

    Garth Brooks
    Community Relations and Development
  • A must-have for every auction event.

    Thank you to Beahm Auction Group for being such a huge part in our school’s fundraising auction! I’ve worked with Ty and Nichol for the past two years and they are absolutely amazing to work with! Last year, when I took over as chair for Newcastle Elementary/Charter School‘s fundraiser auction, I had no idea what I was doing and Nichol was always there to assist me with EVERYTHING. This year, I had a better idea of how to do things, yet Nichol was still available for every question and issue that came up. Ty does a great job at moving things along and keeping the crowd’s energy up, even when things aren’t going as smoothly as planned. I not only consider Beahm Auction Group an invaluable investment of funds, but a must-have for every auction event. I believe our school has made an incredible amount more money working with them than we would have without them. Thank you, Ty and Nichol Tadlock- Beahm!!! I could not have done it without you!! I’m so thankful for the two of you and your team!!!

    Kari Walters Coye
    Newcastle Elementary/Charter School
  • Many, Many Compliments

    Fundraising can be a rewarding experience and especially with the right team in place to achieve the highest goals possible. I was the chair for my son’s school fundraiser for 7 years. Our fundraisers were always considered successful but it was after I was referred to Beahm Auction Group that we really saw a difference in our proceeds!

    The professionalism, organization and just plain helpfulness of Nichol and Ty and the rest of the group were what we needed to take us to the next level. After teaming up with them, we had many, many compliments after the first year of using Beahm Auction Group such as the event ran smoother, more fun and lively. I would recommend Beahm Auction Group for all your Auction needs. They really do make the difference!

    Denice Williams
    Newcastle Elementary Night of Knights Chairperson

Our team

Your partnership with Beahm Auction Group begins months before your event with a one-on-one consultation between you and one of our auction experts.

Ty Beahm


Nichol Beahm

auction consultant / owner

The Beahm Auction Group:

Shortly after beginning both a personal and professional partnership with Ty, Nichol began attending auctions, and noticed a strong need for pre-event planning. It was then that she added Consulting to their list of available services. Now, both Nichol and Ty have been certified through the National Auctioneers Association as Benefit Auction Specialists, and have decided to focus their extensive talents and expertise in the non-profit industry. With their unique blend of sales, psychology, and auctioneering experience, coupled with their deep roots within the local community, they are able to leverage their abilities to help their clients meet and exceed their fundraising goals.

As part of their commitment both to the community, and to their own professional development, each year Ty and Nichol plan and host their own fundraising auction. This event benefits the Active Auctioneers Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting auctioneers with furthering their education and profession, and a portion of proceeds are also dedicated to help those within their community who have suffered an illness or accident. They are continually learning and growing their own event, and pass on their knowledge and expertise to every consulting client they serve.


The Beahm Family:

Ty and Nichol make their home in Rocklin, California, with their two daughters. Savannah, 13, assists in the family business by helping with logistics and day-of-event needs. Audrianna, 4, is in preschool, and is an avid golfer already. The Beahms make spending time together as a family a top priority in their lives, and love to visit Carmel by the Sea whenever they are able.

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