Ty Beahm

auctioneer / owner


Ty Beahm, career auctioneer, has over 25 years of experience in a variety of industries. A 1992 graduate of the Missouri Auction School, Ty began his career in the auction industry with his father, uncle, and two cousins, presiding over auctions for livestock, real estate, heavy equipment and machinery, automobiles, and business liquidation, among other things. His charisma and high-energy style of auctioneering makes him a perfect fit for fundraising auctions, as he is able to engage with the crowd in a dynamic and exciting way, and was also what drew Nichol to him when they first met.


  • * Member, Active Auctioneers Association, 1991
  • * Graduate, Missouri Auction School, 1992
  • * Member, National Auctioneers Association, 1992
  • * Member, Board of Directors, Active Auctioneers Association, 2000
  • * Member, Board of Directors, Active Auctioneers Foundation, 2010
  • * President, Active Auctioneers Foundation, 2014
  • * President, Active Auctioneers Foundation, 2012
  • * Certified, Benefit Auction Specialist, National Auctioneers Association