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Generate more revenue and have more fun with an audience that is excited and engaged in your event!

Beahm Auction Group has the most dynamic benefit charity auctioneers in the industry. Our fundraising auctioneers are certified by the National Auctioneer Association with a speciality in charity benefit and fundraising auctions.

A successful action will leave the attendees feeling just as excited about the event as the hosts. Our auctioneers, trained and managed by Ty Beahm, are skilled at engaging with any audience, and bringing the event to life!

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Your organization will always net more money with an experienced auctioneer who knows how to encourage and maximize bidding and specializes in fundraising/charity auctions. Beahm Auction Group, (BAG) has the expertise, experience, and finesse to achieve top dollar results while providing a very entertaining evening that your guests will remember.


We are always happy to answer your auction-related questions via phone, or email whether they occur to you now or at any time up to and including the day of your event.


If you are one of the people responsible for making the important decision of choosing your auctioneer, Nichol looks forward to speaking with you, and helping to make your auction a success!

Beahm Auction Group: Who We Are

BAG has carefully assembled an elite team of the most dynamic fundraising auctioneers in the industry. Every one of our auctioneers has earned or is working toward the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association and has been extensively trained by Ty on the methodologies, nuances, and flair of conducting the most dynamic fundraising auction the patrons at your event have ever seen.

Beahm Auction Group has the most dynamic benefit charity auctioneers in the industry.

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Meet the Owners

Ty Beahm

Auctioneer / Owner

Nichol Beahm

Auctioneer / Owner

Beahm Auction Group is the nation’s premier provider of event-based fundraising consulting services and professional charity/benefit auctioneers. With a focus on maximizing overall earnings vs. the cost of the event, BAG offers end-to-end support to bring best practices guidance, and solutions to meet and exceed fundraising goals.


From the psychology of bidding to the logistics of the location, BAG’s procurement, auctions, and fundraising methodology has successfully launched and helped cultivate thousands of organizations to raise over billion dollars to various causes, auctions, and fundraising organization for charitable organizations of all kinds and sizes.


Our commitment to continuing education, attention to detail, obsession with preparedness, a wealth of creative ideas, and decades of auction experience uniquely position us to exceed your past events’ revenues, achieve your financial goals, promote your mission, and, simply put, make your events more fun!


Past and present clients include philanthropic organizations that directly benefit medical and health-related causes, disadvantaged/special needs youth, homeless families, women in crisis, senior citizens, military personnel, animal groups, arts organizations, schools, and educational foundations. Charisma and high-energy style of auctioneering makes him a perfect fit for fundraising auctions, as he is able to engage with the crowd in a dynamic and exciting way.

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Our team is trained to read people, to time the bid increments perfectly, and to find ways to make each audience member personally invested in the items being sold! We will have your attendees raising their bid cards, engrossed in friendly competition, and have more fun than they thought possible.

There is no need to get stressed and auction yourself, we got you covered.

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